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masspool dj association

About Us

masspool djs was founded back in 1989 and over the years has evolved into a highly respected dj Record Pool throughout the USA because of its success at establishing relationships with Record Labels, Recording Artists, Producers, DJ's Radio Stations, Remixers and music industry professionals.

In the 90's then again in 2009 masspool was nominated as "Record Pool of the Year" from the annual (DMC & The Winter Music Conference held in Miami, FL. There are numerous gold and platinum records which adorn the walls of the masspool office for projects that were worked with along side the respected Labels & Artists that have achieved such an honor, it also has many dj members that have gone on to worldwide success.

What are the benefits to belonging to masspool dj association?

Having a membership in masspool allows dj's to have maximum exposure to new music from all over the globe before anyone and are able to break new projects to crowds in their respective markets. Record Labels in return for providing our members with new releases, will benefit from our dj's in how the music tested for them. The labels then use this information to help promote their up and coming artists, music and promotional events a head of time. This is a beneficial relationship between the dj's and the record labels who's ultimate goal is to bring great music to the masses.

masspool djs always strives to establish and break new ground for the Music Industry and has the ability to work as a street level promotional team that focuses on radio, internet, and club DJ promotions etc. We work closely with record labels worldwide to break out new music and new styles via the internet/radio mix shows, dance clubs, and large music events or whatever the need may be.

masspool receives a wide variety of promotional / underground music from dance, hip hop, rap, R&B, reggae to Top 40, house, trance, Latin, international etc.

Whether you spin cd, or use mp3's, masspool djs can meet your needs and supply you with all styles of new music. We are always on the lookout for future music trends with the next hot producer and remixers with our record label partners. The labels rely upon our members about their projects. which is why masspool dj association receives promotional music from the labels. It takes many years to be respected in the industry and masspool djs have passed that goal years ago.

masspool djs was created by dj's for it's dj's and belongs to it's djs, it's all about promoting music. Were very fortunate to be associated with and have members we have locally & international who are well known in music loving industry for all. We are one a very few dj pools that work with it's djs and are there for the members. We always answer our emails along with our office phones to give ours a personal touch that is just SO hard to find today. We DO listen to our members so we may stay on top of the music and trends the inspire our fellow members along with future spinners. So if you want to be a part of dj record pool that will be there for you, then we are the ones! So please feel free to ask us questions about our service or anything else that you may like to ask and we'll be happy to assist...:) We Hope you take a chance with us as you will not be disappointed. Our Reputation will speak for itself.


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